Simplified version of the 2015 rule change. Boys your throwing strings can’t be lower than 4” from the top of the head.

Can I keep my shooters for more than one year without a rule change?



So I made a thing


And I still run into door frames.
Chris Pratt and Jurassic world confirming that all paleontologists wear vests.   
Walking down campus as a senior, ignoring people with clipboards who want to “talk”

My Time at the Grand Tetons

I was able to visit Jackson Hole and Grand Tetons national park three years ago for school, and it was an unique experience for someone who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago his whole life. Having school coming around the corner again I decided to share my experience. I left around this time in late August, and I was not prepared for a trip to the mountains. It was bitter, I didn’t plan to bring a jacket since it was, well summer time. Most of my trip was spent shivering in the cold, desolate shadow of a mountain, but I was completely captured by its wondrous beauty. I know I wasn’t the only one too. In the early 1800’s a french fur trapper lugging himself through the forest set his eyes upon the mountain and expressed his love for  by calling it the "Trois Tetons" or the Three Breasts. Yes, apparently this gneiss range which has the hardness of 7, but looked good enough to score a 10 in that Frenchman’s heart and mine too. It was amazing that this is the youngest mountain range in North America but has rocks dating 2.5 ma. The Teton Landscape itself is a result of 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history of on going earthquakes and glacial sculpting that have formed the scenic landscape to what we see today. Also to see glaciers that are well beyond their prime was daunting to me, because they seemed so insignificant and meager. To know that one day they will be gone for an astronomically long time. I still had a great time for my first experience with anything geology, and I would like to go back there to see if I can apply what I learned in the classroom out on the field. If you have any questions or comments message me. Maybe I’ll post more about my expeditions into the bleak world that is geology seeing that there aren’t many geo nuts here on tumblr.     


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me reading the holy bible

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